Return to Work

Being unemployed for whatever reason, for any length of time, can cause self-doubt and create a stumbling block in finding work. This short but comprehensive course will give you current knowledge, skills and practical tips to turn that around.

We will work with you on the practical aspects like creating a current and vibrant CV as well as creating a pathway for you to keep on track with your job goals.

Your confidence will be boosted by learning new skills and practical tips. The following is covered:

  • Practical tips in the art of Networking
  • Social Networking sites that can boost your profile
  • Australian culture and the way of life including customs and traditions
  • Group activities and role-playing
  • Writing a CV
  • Job interview skills
  • Planning your work wardrobe specific for the job you want or have
  • Identifying study pathways
  • Goal setting

On a more serious note, we talk about Workplace Health and Safety issues, Workers’ Compensation and general Human Resources policies.