English Courses

SET Training offer two English courses


1. Foundation Conversational English, and

2. Developing English for Employment and Conversation


Both are a 4 week full-time course in conversational English and are tailored for new arrivals into Australia, Refugees and low literacy Australians.


The Foundation course is aimed at those who have a basic understanding of some learning concepts and may demonstrate some of this understanding  in a general conversation.


Those who are a little more advanced can enrol in the Developing English course. These students will have a reasonable understanding of many language concepts and can demonstrate this through speaking and writing.


The courses not only focuses on basic skills which are the ones usually associated with basic adult education programs: • reading • writing • math • communication., but also the underlying skills that enable people to use both their experiences and basic skills to succeed in what they set out to do. These include: • critical thinking • self-awareness • self-confidence • assertiveness • organizational skills • goal setting and planning skills • team work • problem solving in both personal and public situations.


The modules in the course are built around content areas instead of skills. The activities set out in the course will help the group develop the confidence, organisational skills, and team work they will need later in the workplace, all the while learning English.


What we keep in mind during teaching is how useful is what they are learning going to be. This is particularly important when considering employment prospects.


When you are able to speak English at the right level for the role, this improves communication and collaboration within your organisation, as well as with customers and partners. It gives your business a competitive advantage, as well as increases productivity and boosts morale for your employees by giving them a new skill.



Approximate times are listed however more time might be needed on occasion.


Foundation English (Daytime Classes) conducted over 4 weeks, three days a week (3.5 hrs each day)  = 42 hours as well as  one Saturday workshop for  3 hours = 45 hours


Developing English (Daytime Classes) conducted over 5 weeks, three days a week (4 hrs each day) = 60 hours as well as four Saturday workshops 3 hours each = 72 hours


Mastering the Interview

Stress Management

Employee Accountability

Marketing and Sales

Managing Across Cultures

Managing the Virtual Workplace

Effective Performance Reviews

Managing Difficult Conversations


All of these short courses are designed to help you be more effective in the workplace and become a valuable asset to your employer. For those who are starting out, these are a great asset to put on your CV.