Computer Training in Word, Excel and Outlook

Basic and Intermediate Training in Computer Skills for Microsoft Word Excel and Outlook


Enrolling to do a Computer Training course can help you become more valuable to potential employers and to obtain higher-paying jobs. Companies sometimes will incorporate computer trainingĀ in their new-hireĀ training programs and employee development initiatives, so you will already be ahead of the pack if you have a short course in computer skills under your belt.


Free computer training courses may not give you the personalised service we offer, and learning in a small classroom set-up will give you the confidence to keep going. Learning computer skills at our training facility will open up more doors for you whether you want to gain further qualifications or just do it for your own personal development, these short courses in computer skills will be the answer.


Our computer courses are designed for beginners as well as those who have some experience with Microsoft word and excel and our trainers will work with you at whatever level you are at.


This course delivered over half a day for basic training and a full day for intermediate training, will give you an explanation of the functionality of these programs to make you more efficient in your workplace. Depending on your requirements our Trainers will give you great shortcuts, helpful insights and useful information to take home to make your life technologically easier.


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